Dial Ordering Options

It is a legal requirement for a UK vehicle instrument cluster to display the Speedo markings in Mph as a main reading.

To complete the registration of your vehicle into the UK you will need to pass the DVLA/VCA conformity test. Fitting these by us or a trained competent garage with a VAT number backed with detailed information of the dials and fitment will complete a major part of the conformity process.

On 95% of our dials it requires the removal of the gauge needles from the instrument cluster. As instrument cluster gauge calibration is of a very delicate nature, this can be a very difficult task for someone with no previous experience. Due to this fact Cluster Repairs UK offer fitting services from £25 which includes all documentation of conformity and can include, removal and refit of the instrument cluster from your vehicle.

There are 2 options regarding ordering and fitment of our dials. If you wish Cluster Repairs UK to carry out the full conversion for you which includes dials, fitting and conformity documentation.

Option 1:

Once you have chosen your dials please make sure you have checked 3 important aspects before purchasing.


Please make sure the dial chosen matches the manufacturer, model, and year of your vehicle.

Warning light icons:

Once you have chosen the correct dials the next step is to make sure you carefully check that all warning icons/symbol lights on the dials you have chosen match yours and are positioned in the correct place. These warning icons for example are; ABS, Airbag, engine management, coolant level, handbrake, oil etc. All icons/symbols must be in the correct positions so when a bulb illuminates the correct icon appears to you, the driver.

Speedo reading:

Lastly and most importantly the Speedo reading must be 100% accurate. Once you have made sure that the dial and warning icons are correct, please check that the inside of the new Mph dial where the k/mh reading is matches the k/mh reading on your dials.

This can be done by making sure that the 12 o’clock positioned k/mh figure on both dials and the last figure i.e. 180k/mh or 220k/mh is the same on both dials, yours (the original) and the one you are about to purchase. If you are facing difficulties in choosing the correct dial please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

Option 2.

With this option you will be able to call us to assist you throughout choosing the correct dials. This service also includes dial fitment to the instrument cluster, gauge calibration and all invoice and conformity documentation ensuring your vehicle passes first time. You can also opt for a removal and refit service which can be carried out at any of our 2 south of England repair centres.

For options 1 and 2 or if you need further advice, our help desks are open from 9.30 till 5.30 Monday to Friday, so if you need any advice do not hesitate in contacting one of our UK friendly staff.