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Audi TT instrument cluster repair service, type 8N.

Common faults

  • Faulty gauges inaccurate readings.
  • Faulty central DIS display.
  • Fuel or/and temp gauges reading too high or low.
  • Flickering of centre mileage and time display illumination.
  • Intermittent fault on complete unit.
  • Complete instrument Cluster flickers till warm.
  • Complete power failure.
  • Broken up screen pixels.
  • Warning buzzer failure.

Cluster Repairs UK covers all instrument cluster make and models from the 1950s until today.
We proudly offer a complete professional test, repair and rebuild service on the type 8N Audi TT instrument cluster, speedometer dash, backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Audi TT instrument cluster faults may often begin intermittently but worsen if left untreated. Our expertise at Cluster Repairs UK lies in the extensive research, development and complete reverse engineering of the Audi TT instrument cluster. We have identified all the weak spots where the instrument cluster may fail and have added professional repair rebuild solutions covered by advanced test methods.

During our professional repair service, the Audi TT instrument cluster will not suffer any loss of mileage, immobiliser, or coded data. Once fully repaired, simply plug in and play.

Repair prices start from as little as £40 plus VAT.

Feel free to call one of our UK-friendly staff members to discuss your specific issues with your instrument cluster. Once you have received an accurate repair quote from us and guidance on our current repair turnaround times, you can fill out the correct order form found below. Once you have submitted your form, you can deliver your instrument cluster to one of our workshops.

On-sight walk-in and while you wait, appointments are available on request. (strictly by appointment only.)

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Audi TT instrument cluster repair service, type 8N.
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Audi TT instrument cluster repair service, type 8N. Audi TT instrument cluster repair service, type 8N.

Part No: 09052209902, 09052239901, 09053259802, 09053259902, 09056209801, 09056429902, 09056629902, 0905220009X, 503000354300, 5030.0035.5300, 8N1919860B, 8N1919860C, 8N1919880C, 8N1919880E, 8N1919930B, 8N1920860A, 8N1920860C, 8N1920860E,, 8N1920860H, 8N1920860J, 8N1920860L, 8N1920880A, 8N1920880C, 8N1920880G, 8N1920880H, 8N1920880K, 8N1920900, 8N1920900C, 8N1920930C, 8N1920930M, 8N1920930N, 8N1920930Q, 8N1920930R, 8N1920930S, 8N1920930T, 8N1920931, 8N1920980, 8N1920980E, 8N2919910A, 8N2919930B, 8N2920910C, 8N2920930, 8N2920930A, 8N2920930C, 8N2920950, 8N2920950A, 8N2920980, 8N2920980A, 8N2920980D, All other part numbers repaired.